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Ageing Fire Alarm and Detection Systems Are Unreliable!

There are around 500 fire related deaths in the UK each year, and you are 4 times more likely to die in a fire if you don’t have a working fire alarm or smoke alarm.

The importance of keeping your fire protection systems up to date and in good working order is paramount to you and your employee’s safety as there are a number of reasons why an ageing fire alarm’s functionality can be compromised.  A deficient inspection, testing and maintenance program will also take its toll on equipment, accelerating its deterioration. As systems reach the concluding years of their life cycle, finding sufficient support and replacement parts can become a challenge. Collectively, these issues undermine the effectiveness of the systems

Did you know after 10 years, only 70% of smoke alarms will still function as they should?!

Technology is always evolving

Modern fire alarm systems are comprised of complex, intelligent components with powerful microprocessors and software at their heart.

New fire alarm technology means more sensitive detection, advanced warning and mitigated risk, it also makes it easier to find replacement parts if required.

Today, many operators with systems over 10 years old are finding their system is no longer manufactured, with the inherent problem of the lack of available new or service replacement spares.

Manufacturers are continuously developing technology to leverage their systems over competitors and present the most advanced product that they can to the market. As this technology eventually prevails, updates are introduced.

Don’t let this be you

You have an office tower block with over 200 members of staff. You’re told your fire alarm system is over 10 years old and no longer supported and spares are no longer available. You are now worried about a critical component failure,  or worse the fact 70% of smoke alarms are no longer working as they should and in the event of a fire there maybe no warning. Feeling Vulnerable?

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One Response to Ageing Fire Alarm and Detection Systems Are Unreliable!

  1. Jenny Dominic August 17, 2017 at 6:37 am #

    Everything has a lifespan. When it comes to security systems, I would alway change my camera every 5 years because technology is changing every now and then. To keep your office and your employee secure you should update your security systems. 1 another important thing that matters in security systems is its maintenance. You should neither neglect that.