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5 Tips to Minimise Fire Risks Within Your Business

Fires in the workplace are still a common occurrence, with information like this it’s easy to see the importance of having a competent and reliable fire alarm system in place to ensure you have adequate protection.

Therefore it is important to consider your fire prevention/strategies. These should be reviewed regularly to ensure your employees are well informed.

Assured want to help, here are our 5 tips to minimise your fire risks

1. Regularly update fire risk assessments

Firstly it is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, to have an up to date fire risk assessment. This should be reviewed annually and updated every 3 years. The Fire Risk Assessment will highlight the people at risk on site as well as any specific fire risks.

2. Do the small things right

Ensure your property is kept clear of any potential fire hazards. You should keep flammable materials separate from potential sources of ignition. Even if you don’t think it’s likely to ignite it’s not worth the risk. Good housekeeping is essential in keeping your property safe from a fire.

3. Ensure your electrics are safe

Keep your electricals safe, this starts at the installation of equipment. Have them installed by a competent and qualified company and keep regularly maintained. However, you should consider your portable devices as well, these are sometimes overlooked. Ensure they are PAT tested and check all wires for potential damage.

4. Designate a smoking area

Throwing a discarded cigarette in the bin isn’t safe enough, there can easily be flammable materials in there which will soon become a fire risk. Smoking areas should also be away from the building and other hazardous areas such as bin areas and fuel storage.

5. Plan and train for an incident

Finally, ensure your staff are fire trained, this will be essential in keeping your people safe in the event of a fire. Meanwhile, have a proper plan in place and make sure everyone in the business is aware of their responsibilities should a fire break out.

Make sure you keep your premises safe from fire hazards by discussing your fire prevention with one of our specialists today. Call 0845 402 3045 or email for more information.

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