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Your 5 Step Guide To Protecting Your Restaurant

If you are responsible for a restaurant, there are specific areas of fire safety that you need to pay attention too. Kitchen appliances account for 25% of all fires in restaurants, cookers account for 23% and electrical distribution accounts for 17% of fires.

We want to help protect your premises with our 5 step guide to protecting your restaurant.

1.     Review Your Fire Risk Assessment

Your Fire Risk Assessment will identify your fire hazards on site and ensure you have the right level of protection in the correct areas. Having an up to date Fire Risk Assessment is compulsory by law and must be reviewed annually or whenever there is a significant change in the premises.

2.     Clean Your Bin Areas

Rubbish can quickly spread a fire, restaurants often have flammable packaging which should be placed in an appropriate bin away from the building. These areas should be kept clean and checked for potential fire risks.

3.     Test Your Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances should be PAT tested, with sufficient records kept. Attention should also be paid to the wiring, check that there are no frayed or broken wires which could come into contact with flammable products or your people. For more information on Electrical Fire Safety, check out our blog here.

4.     Ensure You Have The Correct Safety Equipment

Over half of restaurant fires involve cooking equipment, having a Fire Suppression System in the kitchen is paramount to keeping your restaurant safe. Fire Alarms with different detection types and Fire Extinguishers will also reduce the risks to your people.

5.     Train Your Staff With Fire Safety Training

There’s little point in having all the correct equipment and extinguishers if your staff don’t know how to use them. Not having the correct training can cause a containable fire to become out of control, potentially endangering lives. It is recommended that 30% of staff are trained as a Fire Warden to take control during an emergency. 


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