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5 Reasons Why Hotels Should Install A Sprinkler System


Did you know the 12 months leading to April 2019 there were 613 fires affecting hotels? These included 103 deliberate fires, 60 non-fatal casualties and 1 fatality.

There is a growing reliance on automatic fire detection systems being included in any new fire safety plan, however this can often be poorly designed or installed within the hotel industry.


Assured wants to help, here are our top advantages to installing sprinkler systems in hotels


 1. Reduce The Potential Damage To Your Property

When the Fire Brigade spray water into your property it can often cause extensive damage to the visual appearance and structure of your property. However, when sprinklers activate they use minimal water and therefore will cause less damage to the property.


2. Sprinklers Allow For a Safer Evacuation

Once installed, sprinkler systems can add additional time for staff, customers and guests to evacuate if a fire occurs. Sprinkler systems can help create a path to your emergency exit. During a fire and with the help of fire extinguishers, the property can then be evacuated safely.


3. Minimal Disruption during Installation

Installation can often take place during the hotels opening hours. Due to the way sprinkler systems are fitted, installers can work around the guests meaning you don’t have to close your hotel. All plant and installation equipment is kept in enclosed areas to avoid disruption to the day to day running of the hotel.


4. Design Flexibility

Sprinkler systems offer architects a lot of freedom, while still meeting the safety requirements for hotels. There are a number of advantages to these systems such as offering the ability to adapt layouts to meet the hotels exacts needs and enhancing the provision for people with disabilities.


5. Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Some insurance companies will actually offer a discounted premium for the more advanced systems. This is due to the added safety on site and the lower risks of damage to the building from a fire.


Sprinkler systems can not only keep your people and premises safe from fire but can also save you money in the process. Call 0845 402 3045 or email to discuss your properties fire protection now.


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