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5 Innovations in Drone Security

Back in September we answered the question of whether drones will become the future of security. Following on from the popularity of the article and the increasing use of drones as a security measure, we thought we’d give you a round up of the top 5 innovations happening in drone security right now:

  1. Drone “Hacking”

A Maryland based company have developed a device that gains control of drones by hacking into their protocols. The device, named Mesmer, is a black box featuring antennas and sensors. It is currently being pitched as a solution to the problem of drug-smuggling drones that drop off deliveries in prisons. Prison staff will be able to set up an invisible geofence around a building’s walls, within which unauthorised drones will be subject to Mesmer’s manipulations and landed where staff can seize them.

Mesmer’s inventor, Johnathan Hunter, said: “There’s not a single drone we haven’t been able to crack, we’re working our way through all the drone families.”

  1. Drones Armed with Stun Guns

A company in Texas have recently developed a drone armed with a stun gun. When triggered the gun will dispense a taser dart fueled with 80,000 volts of electricity. The designers have suggested that the drone can be used when an alarm is triggered. It can find the unauthorised person and send a live video to the owner’s phone asking if you want to authorise the subject or detain them. If you choose detain, the drone will change into fully autonomous mode, if need be stunning them with 80,000 volts of electricity and rendering them incapacitated. The Texas company is also thought to be developing a version of the drone that uses pepper spray balls.

  1. Number Plate and Facial Recognition

A security company in Japan has recently revealed their drone that chases intruders who are trying to escape. It will take pictures of their faces and car number plates to help with identification. The drone is equipped with a surveillance camera and LED light and will send the images captured back to the control room. However, the drone can only reach a top speed of 6mph. Thus, meaning the average person will easily be able to out run it.

  1. Drone Police

The police in Tokyo have found a novel way to combat illegal drones – they use other drones.They command a fleet of drones that take down rogue drones by covering them with a large net.

If a suspicious drone is spotted, the police officer will warn the operator to ground their craft. Should they disobey the order the police drone will eject its net. However, Japanese law prohibits the use of drones above areas with a population of over 4,000 people per square kilometre. In an extremely densely populated country this doesn’t leave much scope for flying drones for leisure purposes.

  1. The New Type of Security Guard

A start-up company based in California have developed a self-flying drone that they have pitched as a ‘flying security guard’. The drone is fitted with cameras as well as blue and red lights, a white spotlight and two loudspeakers to deter intruders.

But what happens when the battery runs out? The drones are programmed to automatically return to a charging station when the battery is running low. Better still, they fully charge in just 15-20 minutes.

There is little doubt that drones can outperform humans at this role. They can patrol a larger area in a quicker time. An energy company has ordered some of these drones for use at their oil refineries. As refineries are often a target for attacks they can be difficult for human security guards to patrol, making these drones an ideal solution.

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