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5 Benefits a CCTV System Will Bring to Your School

Whilst CCTV systems are usually in place for security purposes, there are a number of other benefits to installing CCTV around the school premises too. The cameras can also be used to monitor the movements of staff and pupils, capturing evidence of bullying, misbehaviour and truancy which has proved to be very useful for school governors.


  1. Increase in staff and student safety

Knowing you are well protected gives the feeling of security to students and teachers alike. CCTV is perfect for liaising with parents about the behaviour of their children and is effective in helping to eliminate bullying or other misbehaviour.  Staff will also have peace of mind that CCTV deters assaults and false claims of misconduct making for a better working environment.


  1. Crime deterrent

Not only are intruders are less likely to break into if they see CCTV cameras around the school, but students are also less likely to display criminal activity as the risk of being caught is too high. Students will point out the cameras to other students which will make everyone aware that their activities are being recorded.  When students know they are being watched, they are usually on their best behaviour.


  1. Crime detection

CCTV is useful in providing evidence to the police for identifying the criminal. With a clear picture of the perpetrators face the identification and capture of a criminal is more effective. The cameras are also beneficial for insurance claims, the recordings prove the date of the incident and some insurance providers even require CCTV cameras to be installed.


  1. Increased educational achievement

With cameras in place it is easier to identify pupils who are not attending lessons or who are leaving half way through the day and not returning. This has lead to a number of reports that pupil’s attendance and grades have improved.


  1. Teacher training

Teachers should not fear the CCTV cameras watching them, instead it should be seen as a valuable training tool. Reviewing videos taken in the classroom can be used on teacher training days to improve quality of teaching and work ethic. Security cameras also remind teachers that their professionalism and hard work is important and always being observed.


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