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World Duty Free Switches to Assured for a Scheduled Arrival!

World Duty Free

World Duty Free depend on Assured for a scheduled arrival,
without delays!

The World Duty Free (WDF) Group, founded in 1997 operates over 550 stores and duty-free shops across the globe. Being the UK’s leading travel retailer, they offer ‘the ultimate airport shopping experience’, playing host to a large selection of world-renowned brands such as Chanel, Dom Perignon, Kinder, Vogue and more.

Firstly, protecting their people and property is paramount to WDF. The large foot flow through their stores on a daily basis, in combination with their hard to access stores in a high-security environment, therefore, meant that WDF needed a company which they could rely on to protect their customers and premises, upholding the reputation of their prestigious brand associates.

Simon Kirwin, Former Head of UK Health, Safety & Environment at WDF told Assured of his prior troubles:

“Our previous provider was letting us down. We had issues with the previous incumbent not being able to get into the airport and issues with their lack of communication”.

The stringent security measures that accompany an airport-based business means that timekeeping and communication with airport managers are, therefore, crucial.

Assured’s Operations Director ensured that the maintenance work was completed as smoothly as possible:

“We needed to ensure there was minimal disturbance to the difficult to access site locations. Therefore, we tailored our services to ensure a seamless service delivery”.

WDF can now relax, knowing their retail stores are protected. So, find out more on how as to how the relationship between World Duty Free and Assured has taken off to a flying start!

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