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Village Hall protects against trespassers

The Village Hall is the location for many events in the small village of Steeple Clayton, located near Milton Keynes.

The rising popularity and usage of the building meant security and access to the site became a key priority. To ensure security was controlled, a new access control door entry system was required. Steeple Clayton Parish Council contacted Assured Fire & Security to install and commission a new access control system designed to specifically suit the requirements of the company and the site. Assured Fire & Security Consultant, Mark Smith, completed a comprehensive site survey in order to design a tailored access control system suitable for the local facility.

Assured are experts in security protection systems and are able to design and install a wide range of commercial access control systems, specified to individual business requirements. Types of access control system available include standalone or PC networked systems. Additions available include proximity readers, biometric readers, door entry panels as well as the ability to interface with the site fire alarm.

The Village Hall opted for a Net2 PC based door access control system. This type of system wires all the locally controlled doors together to provide a commutation path between all doors and a PC. The system is able then to be programmed from the PC with all information downloaded to each individual door as required. The PC software also enables reports to be created based upon system usage.

Mark says: “Steeple Clayton Parish Council contacted us as they needed to provide a level of secure access to the building. With the access control system now in place, they can now rest assured that they are protected from trespassers and uninvited guests.”

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Alternatively, you can find more information in our free Access Control Buyers’ Guide here.

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