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Jewel Blade call on Assured for additional fire protection

Established for over 85 years, Sheffield based company Jewel Blade Ltd started life manufacturing high quality razor blades. Today the company has significantly expanded their product base to now supply blades for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

With an expanding business, a need was established to make changes to the current premises to accommodate increased production. A mezzanine level was proposed and agreed as the ideal solution.

With such amendments to the building and internal space, it was imperative that fire safety systems were upgraded to ensure that adequate fire detection was in place to continue protecting the buildings occupants and the business. Jewel Blade called on Assured to check the coverage of the current systems installed and propose the extensions to the system while ensuring the company was compliant with all current fire safety legislation.

Additional fire call points, optical smoke/heat detectors and sounder beacons were installed to provide the necessary fire detection coverage required.

Andrew Jessop, Production Manager at Jewel Blade commented:  “As our business has grown we have had to expand our production facility. We were very satisfied with the service and quality of work we received when Assured installed a complete new system last year and had no hesitation in asking them to modify and extend it to meet our new requirements.”

Jewel Blade can now continue with running their business knowing that their premises and lives of their staff are protected, and they are compliant with current fire safety legislation.

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