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GAME Consolidate for Good Communication and a Professional Service


Winning the GAME for good communication and a professional service with Assured.

GAME, founded in 1991, proudly boasts the biggest high street and digital gaming presence across the UK. Operating over 310 stores, from Inverness in Scotland to the coast of Penzance, the gaming industry is ‘on’ and ever-growing.

Originally juggling three separate companies for their various fire and security systems created additional, unnecessary work for head office and store managers.

Additionally, they were unhappy with the various fire and security suppliers: Communication was poor, they had ongoing inconsistencies with jobs on who was attending sites and when, work was not being booked in, and even engineers failing to turn up on time or even at all. Time was wasted, information needed chasing, and frustration was felt throughout the business.

Therefore, upon hearing about our professional service and good reputation in the retail sector, Assured were approached to present our solution to their issues.

Another player with better communication and a more professional service had entered the GAME. Impressed by the tour, our people, and liking the look of what Assured had to offer. Consequently, it was ‘GAME OVER’ for having multiple fire and security suppliers.

Gavin Nunney, passed on the positive experience felt with Assured’s dedication to communication:

“Assured are really good, pleasant and professional. They are knowledgeable and kept me in the loop as to what they were doing and what areas were being worked on”.  

Game Case Study ImageFind out why Assured win when it comes consolidating fire and security:

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