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A Week in the Life of a Fire Suppression Service Engineer

We’re proud of our engineers, so we wanted to share with you an insight into the weekly workings of an Assured Fire Suppression Service Engineer.

Interested in finding out what it’s like to be a fire suppression service engineer? Read on and check out our video below!

Our engineers form an integral part of the Assured team and they are recruited based not just on technical skills and their passion to deliver great customer service, but on being an Assured person.

Let’s begin with what values and qualities our engineer’s and all our Assured team have:

We are Customer Focused

We are Friendly

We are Honest

We deliver Quality

We work as a Team

We are Proud to be Assured

George is a great example of our values and ticks all these boxes. Our multi-skilled engineers are experts in the field and we provide unique training opportunities to further build upon their knowledge. By building a well-rounded team of engineers, we have the ability to understand our customer’s needs and maintain an exceptional service.

Therefore, to give you an idea of what our engineers get up to, we have created a ‘day in the life’ video, starring our very own Fire Suppression Service Engineer – George Credland. George has been an engineer at Assured for 3 years and he also brought an addition 15 years of prior engineering experience to the company. George is still loving his time here at Assured and is continuing to face exciting challenges and develop new skills! So, find out more in our Fire Suppression Engineer video below:


George’s message to those looking to join assured:

“Just do it!”

So, would you to like to work for a company you can be proud of? Do you tick all the boxes for our company values? Therefore, check out our careers page now! Send your current CV and cover letter to us at  or call 0845 402 3045 now!!


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