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Beware of Thieves This Festive Season

The winter months give thieves extended hours of darkness in which to commit their crimes. With many of us also leaving our homes and businesses vacant over the festive season there is no better time to think about installing security equipment, such as CCTV and alarm systems. Don’t risk leaving your home or business unprotected!

Paul Phillips, Technical Manager at the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) provides some advice on how to protect your property: “Think about how a burglar might enter your property and how they might leave. For example, you may have garden furniture that could provide an easy way to climb a wall or hide behind. Could somebody use that wheelie bin to climb up to a window or even carry away your possessions?” From a technical perspective, it is also important to take into account hedges, trees or shrubs. You must ensure they do not grow to a point where they could possibly obscure the views of your CCTV.

Another thing to consider is whether the security measures you have in place are working. Perhaps you need to think about buying new equipment or upgrading? You can now purchase state of the art systems that enable you to view your CCTV cameras via your smartphone.

Investing in remote monitoring on your CCTV can provide essential peace of mind. However, it is still crucial to seek help from the Police if you do witness any crimes. Should you choose to have remote monitoring on your CCTV system it is extremely important to be aware of the British Standard BS 8418. An approved BS 8418 system will provide vital level one response from the police or another nominated person. This type of security cover can reduce insurance liability and decreases the risk of theft.

Another simple measure to deter thieves is to leave areas lit, both inside and outside the property. A home automation system can be beneficial as it has the ability to operate lamps and other devices to give an illusion of occupancy. Carlos Rosa, Sales and Marketing Director for BSIA member VPS Group stated: “For properties which are temporarily vacant, particularly during the more vulnerable winter months and over the seasonal period, using smart technologies are increasingly the norm as they become more sophisticated.”CCTV Buyers Guide Download

“Not only can owners check their properties via CCTV on their smartphones and tablets, but there are some clever additional deterrents incorporated into security these days. For example, it is able to trigger an automated verbal warning startling trespassers and intruders. Remote monitoring centres can take that a step further and commandeer the speaker system to address the intruders directly.”

Don’t let your home or business become a target this festive season! If you require more information of the types of CCTV system available why not download our free CCTV buyers guide. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0845 402 3045 and we’ll be happy to help.

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