Assured Fire & Security Storm the Tower of London!

Assured in alliance with Swiftclean, stormed the Tower of London, in the successful capture… of attention from our willing seminar attendee’s!

The Tower of London let down their guard, as Assured held hostage to a fantastic seminar in a night of historical experience, presentations, guest speakers, Yeomen Warders, drinks and canapés.


Upon entering the Tower of London through the huge black iron gates, lost guests were escorted by Yeomen Warders from the Middle Drawbridge. Guest’s walked along the cobbled streets of the Castle, through the Queen Elizabeth Arch. They past the infamous White Tower and onto the Royal Regimental Headquarters of the Fusiliers Building.

The Tower of London seminar began with welcome drinks and an exploration of the Fusiliers Museum, where guests uncovered the formation of the British infantry regiment to its role in the present day.

Guests were then directed into the seminar room, located within the Regimental Headquarters, where part 1 of the presentations commenced.

Part 1:

Our host, an ex-Fusilier gave a brief history of the Tower of London. The ex-Fusilier unveiled that this historic castle, located along the River Thames, is home to Her Majesty’s Crown Jewels.


  • ‘Reducing the Risk of Fire in Social Housing’
  • ‘P50 Low Maintenance Fire Extinguishers’
  • ‘Fires in Ducting & Extractor Fans’

Part 2:


  • ‘The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order’
  • ‘An Integrated Building Services Approach’

To round off the seminar, the speakers summarised the evening and took any questions. Subsequently, the seminar party were then escorted out of the castle, before a full Tower of London lockdown!

During the interval our guests enjoyed a networking session, which included the delights of a selection of drinks and canapés.


Find out what our guest’s had to say about the evening and presentations:

Tower of London seminar - Feedback

Assured would like to thank all those involved: The Regiment of the Royal Fusiliers for a lovely evening, our fantastic guest speakers and most of all, our guests; for not only attending this incredible event but also for leaving us such positive feedback!

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