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What Brexit Means for BS and EN Standards

Brexit Following the Brexit result of the UK referendum, the triggering of Article 50 on 29th March 2017 marked the beginning of the UK’s withdrawal negotiations with the EU. BSI has been working closely with the stakeholders of the FIA to communicate the key messages about the vital role of standards in supporting trade, growth […]

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Selecting an Access Control System in 5 Steps

The safety of your employees and business environment is paramount and deciding on the best way to secure your premises is not to be taken lightly. Installing an access control system gives you a number of benefits, one of which is peace of mind – allowing you control of who can enter your facility. Here […]

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Disabled Refuge – What’s Your Responsibility?

The Equality Act made it the responsibility of all businesses to ensure that access is available to everyone, and there is no discrimination. Provisions must be made for the safe evacuation of all persons in an emergency. In some cases, those that are physically impaired can be assisted by others. However, in most emergency situations this […]

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Is the Easter Bunny Real?

In today’s world there are many uses for CCTV, but one of their more unusual benefits is that they can be used to fool your kids. With Easter quickly approaching children around the world are getting excited at the prospect of the famous bunny leaving chocolates at their house. So we’ve trawled the internet to […]

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Quick Guide to Fire Extinguishers

The number of fires recorded in England in 2015 was over 150,000! This highlights the importance of having adequate fire protection for your business. There are a number of legal obligations for business owners to comply with regarding fire extinguishers. Therefore, we have put together this quick guide to help you understand your requirements as […]

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Fire Safety Drills – A Quick Guide

So, you have your fire risk assessment, your fire evacuation plans, your staff are fire trained and you have your designated fire marshals. But, how do you know it will all work effectively in the event of a fire? By holding regular fire safety drills! What is a Fire Drill? A fire drill is an […]

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5 Unique Benefits of CCTV

Whilst CCTV is usually used for security purposes, consumers and businesses are finding numerous non-security uses for cameras. Here are the top five ways we think security cameras can benefit you at home or at work. Identifying Visitors As smart homes are becoming increasingly popular, more people are installing security cameras that connect to their TV […]

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Faceless Recognition Vs Facial Recognition

Faceless recognition is a way of identifying people based on clothing and general appearance. It is able to track a person of interest in situations when biometric facial recognition fails, the face is covered or the person is viewed from the back. It works by taking a picture of a person of interest and can […]

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5 Innovations in Drone Security

Back in September we answered the question of whether drones will become the future of security. Following on from the popularity of the article and the increasing use of drones as a security measure, we thought we’d give you a round up of the top 5 innovations happening in drone security right now: Drone “Hacking” […]

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The Future of Care Home Security

A care home should be an open and welcome space for both the residents and the family that come to visit. However, managers must simultaneously ensure the security of the site, including its staff, sensitive data and the locations of medicines. If an unauthorised person attempts to obtain access, staff need to be made aware […]

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