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Water Mist Fire Suppression

Water Mist Fire Suppression – A Review The recent rise in the interest and use of water mist fire suppression systems in the UK is due to the many advantages over other fire suppression systems. The advantages of water mist include: No chemicals used No risk of asphyxiation as with gas fire suppression Less damage […]

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A Guide to a Fire Risk Assessment for Your Business

Who needs a Fire Risk Assessment? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order imposes a legal requirement to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment. This applies to: all businesses who have 5 or more employees (including part-time) business premises visited by the public landlords with control over business premises landlords of HMO properties self-employed with business premises […]

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5 Steps to Check Your Fire Safety System Works

Check out our 5 simple steps to checking your fire safety system is in full working order.           Looking for more information on fire alarm systems or other fire protection solutions? Please feel free to contact us with any queries, or why not download our free Fire Alarm Buyers’ Guide for comprehensive up-to-date […]

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Top 10 Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Issues

Restaurants, hotels, schools and other buildings such as care homes that house a commercial kitchen are regarded as high-hazard. Fire suppression systems are being specified more often by insurance companies as they recognise that a kitchen in a building is one of the major risks to a fire/disaster and a potential large claim. However, there […]

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Examples of Fire Hazards in the Workplace

Every year workplace fires cause not only serious damage to property but also injury and death. In the UK there were 22,200 non-residential fires reported in 2013/4, with a significant proportion of these fires occurring in the workplace. Although there are a number of reasons why these fires break out, many are due to negligence […]

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Remote Reset Intruder Alarms

If your intruder alarm system is monitored it is more than likely that if it is triggered accidentally or genuinely that you will need to reset the system to enable you to set the alarm again. If you know the reason for the alarm being triggered & this reason does not require an engineers attendance, […]

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How Good is Your Security Knowledge?

Following on from our successful Fire Safety Quiz last month, we decided to test you all on your security knowledge! Is your Security knowledge up to the test? Take our Fun Security Quiz below to find out how you score! 1. How many CCTV cameras are there in the UK? a) 82 million b) 14 […]

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Is Your Fire Safety Knowledge up to the Test?

Take our Fun Fire Quiz to find out how you score! 1. What’s the largest fine reported to date for a fire safety breach? a) £50,000 b) £200,000 c) £400,000 2. How often should your Responsible Person test your commercial fire alarm? a) Weekly b) Monthly c) Annually 3. What does this fire safety sign […]

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Is Your Business at Risk? – Ten Tips to Avoid Arson

In recent years there has been a rise in the number of serious fires involving waste in the UK, raising concerns as to whether waste is an easy prey for arsonists. The consequences of waste fires can be devastating on businesses, with the after-effects sometimes continuing for many weeks. Ensuring your business is protected against […]

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P50 Fire Extinguisher vs Traditional Extinguisher

So there’s a new product in the fire safety market – the brand new P50 fire extinguisher. It claims to be service-free, environmentally friendly and more cost effective than the traditional version. So is it the new James Bond of fire extinguishers? The P50 certainly looks the part. With a sturdy red plastic body and […]

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